Wheel Rims and Spokes

Modak can supply a large range of pre-punched chrome plated wheel rims to suit English machines. We can also supply stainless steel spoke kits to suit most models


  • Bantam 125/150/175
  • C10/C11/C12 rigid, plunger and swinging arm models
  • C10 and C11 available in 19 and 20 inch
  • B31/B33 rigid, plunger and swinging arm models
  • M20/M21 rigid and plunger
  • A7/A10 plunger and swinging arm. Both full width alloy and full width cast iron hubs
  • A50/A65 early models with cast iron hubs, dry frame and oil in frame models
  • B40 military, B25/B44 B25/B50 conical hub models


  • Preunit 5T and 6T rigid and swinging arm including sprung hub models
  • Unit 650 dry frame with twin leading shoe brake and oil in frame models
  • T140 disc and conical hub models
  • T150 early drum brake models, conical hub models disc brake front and disc brake rear suit T160


  • 16H and ES2 rigid frame with cotton reel hubs
  • ES2 and early Dominator sprung frame models and full width alloy hub, suit featherbeds
  • Commando 750/850 drum and disc brake models


  • Post war singles and twins with single sided hubs
  • Ariel 4 with single sided hub and full width alloy front hub